Do you have a website, and you want to reduce the spam score, so that article will be helpful for you? In this article, we will complete a discussion on the website spam score problem that how to check the spam score and reduce this.

Everyone wants to reduce spam score in a website if you are working hard on your site or blog and your spam score are increasing more day by day. So don’t worry in this article I will show you how to reduce spam score.

Just follow my steps and reduce the website spam score. first, we will start on knowing about the Spam score that what is the website spam score?

What is the Website spam score?

The spam score is the website’s rating system released by MOZ in 2015. Spam can cause serious problems for the site – a decrease in the position in the search results, a decrease in the confidence of search engines in the portal, even blocking in search engines.

Further, Spam score depends on the external sites which you got backlinks whether links are do-follow or no-follow. If the spam score will be high on the external site which you got backlinks than your site spam score will be increased.

The Spam score is like cancer for website SEO. Most people ignore this and got a high level of spam on own site.

According to MOZ, the spam score level is 1% to 100%. The spam score level creates according to the following percentage:

If your site spam score is between 1 to 30% then don’t worry you are in a safe portion but you need to reduce this. Moreover, you are in 31 to 60% then its medium condition and if you are in 61 to 100% it’s a very high and dangerous condition for your site.

I hope you will have understood the spam score and now the time is to discuss the spam score that how it creates.

How it creates?

The external websites have an important role in increasing spam score, those external sites that have high spam score and our backlinks are connected with them. According to MOZ, they used 27 signal for calculating spam score:

For more information about the signal for calculating spam score visit on MOZ official site.

In simple wording, the spam score increase due to external spam backlinks. Do the questions arise that how to control doing such things? Yes, you can control these things by doing these steps:

You are doing SEO then be careful about creating backlinks on high spam score websites, if you created backlinks on spam sites then you will get in trouble, and your site’s spam score will be increasing.

Further according to MOZ they update site spam score on a monthly base, and they are still working for improvement.

What does a spam score affect on-site?

Unfortunately, if your website’s Spam score has increased, so What does a spam score affect on-site? You will be facing many problems according to the site, that is mentioned below:


How to check the spam score?

In this section, we will talk about how to check the spam score? checking website spam score is very simple, just you need to add MOZ extension then you can see spam score of any site.

How to add MOZ extension:

You can add MOZ extension by doing these steps that are mentioned above. Remember that MOZ allows just one-month for free users, you can purchase the pro version which there are many other features.

How to reduce the spam score?

You can reduce website spam score within 15 days, you just need to do the following steps:

Doing this you can remove your spam bad links and your website spam score will be decreased. But there is a problem for free users that free users can remove only 50 URLs because the MOZ extension allows only 50 URLs for free users.

How to reduce the spam score?