Approximately more than one billion users, WhatsApp is the most famous messaging application in the world. This application is very simple, accurate as well as has no advertisements and when you download it then you can contact your friends and others but only those friends who also use WhatsApp application. The free app is so popular because it transfers messages across the internet using Wi-Fi or data, instead of using your phone’s text message or pay-as-you-go-allowance and now we have a few fundamental WhatsApp tricks you should know about.

Top 10 Whatsapp Tricks You Must Know

1. Read Messages Without Letting The Sender Know

Sometimes we are very excited to read the message but we cannot do it. And at that time, we want that we read the message and the next person does not know that we have read the message. But, now you don’t need to worry about it because we are coming with a great solution to this problem. You can do this. Firstly, you put your mobile phone on the flight mode and after that open the WhatsApp and read your message without any tension, when you finally read the message then close your WhatsApp and now you can off your flight mode, and the chat will appear unread to the sender.


2. How to Create Bold, Italicized, or Strikethrough Text

If you want easier way to create bold, italicized as well as strikethrough text then you just need to put a star (*) in the starting and end of a text then your message automatically convert in bold text and the same process held in case with italicizing, For italicizing, you’ll need to add a tilde (~) in the starting and ending point for strikethrough text.


3. Send Message or Photo without Forwarding Label

There are few ideas to send message or photo without forwarding label, In case, you want to forward the message then it can be possible by rewriting the message and The forwarded photos that you have, and now you want to forward to someone without forwarding label then just download the photo, after that, you can directly send or upload the photo to others.


4. Remove Accidentally Forwarded Messages

Forwarding a message on WhatsApp then instantly regretted it? If you are suffering from this kind of problem and looking for the relevant solution for this then you just need to follow our guide.

Yes, you can delete the message from the WhatsApp of another person. You need to hit and hold the message that you send and when you click on the delete button after that you receive an option, you just need to click on the one option that is “delete from everyone.


5. Find out who you talk to The Most

Now, we are coming with one of the greater features of WhatsApp application. You can check who you talk the most out of your other friends. Open your WhatsApp and go to the settings, now you will see the data and storage usage option, just click on it and you get the main option that helps you to see the result who you talk the most. When you click on the storage usage option and choose the contact. Finally, you can see the result that how much storage has been used by every person on your contact.


6. Bookmark Messages

Sometimes people want the bookmark to their messages but they don’t know how they can do this. Whatsapp allows you to do bookmark to your important message just by open that specific message, press and hold it, you get a star option, press on the star. Your message becomes successfully bookmarked.


7. Choose Preference Text Language

It is not compulsory to chat in the English language; you can chat in English, Hindi, and Punjabi. This wonderful application offers a feature to you, go to the settings of WhatsApp and select the chats then top on the app language. Now, you can choose the language as your preference.


8. Turn Off the “Last Seen”

Almost people like to chat on WhatsApp at late night and also they do not want, anybody, to see their timing on the WhatsApp. So, if you also suffer from this problem then you just follow some instructions.

Go to WhatsApp setting and then press on the account and after that click on privacy. Now you are finally reached at your main destination, there are three options my contact, nobody and everyone. Select the button as your requirements.

Turn-off the-last-seen

9. Reply to Messages on Your Laptop

Sometimes people like to use WhatsApp on their laptop but they don’t know how they can enjoy the application in their PC. It is very simple to use WhatsApp on the laptop.

Open your application in your mobile phone and go to the settings and also in the laptop, open the application and scan the QR code with the help of your mobile phone. You can enjoy your application on your PC through this process.


10. Keep Messages Secret

In today’s world, everyone has their personal life and they have some secrets in their life, also they don’t want share with anyone but sometimes people keep their mobile phone at table in the home and other members of the family sometimes started using your phone without permission and if at that time someone suddenly send a message to you or and a new message notification pops up. So, every person want a solution to this question that how they can turn off the preview part of the message,


Solution: Go to Settings, then Notifications, and disable Show Preview. Now you can gossip in peace.