Digital marketing -: Digital marketing is one of the best platforms for product or service because in which we simply promote our service through social media, email, website, mobile, Google, etc. You need to check the place where people spent most of the time because in this way you can meet the people and they know about your service. Communication should be effective and relevant that you offer to the customer because through this, they can trust in your service. Firstly, they create the blog and marketers help to promote the post by the social media account of paid promotes of the company.

Most common steps of digital marketing -:
1 SEO -: Search engine optimization is a process of increasing the quality and quantity of the material to increase the traffic rate and rank the website on the top position. Some important steps are more beneficial in SEO such as Infographics, WebsitesBlogs.

2 Social media marketing -: In social media marketing, wecan easily promote our product and brand in term toincrease the traffic and we can use some multiple kinds ofsocial media marketing:

3 Search Engine Marketing -: In which, we add the ads of the site to increase the search engine result through the paid advertisement.

4 Content marketing -: Content marketing is the best form for publishing, sharing content for a particular goal. If you will attach any image then add one effective message with the image, video-based content plays a vital role but you should need to put interesting material so that users show their interest that whatever you will be uploaded.

5 Pay per click -: In which, the client pays for the top position on the search engine result or Google. There are various channels through that we can use PPC such as paid ad on twitter and also promote on Facebook, snap chat, LinkedIn, etc

6 Email marketing -: With the use of email marketing, we can easily connect with the users and communicate with them to increase the rate of sale.

7 Brand development -: Digital platform is one of the best platforms to build the reputation and brand of the company and maybe social media highly interactive through this.

8 Less cost -: Marketing is one of the bigger burdens for business and small businesses, it may be impossible so, use email marketing because a direct email to thousands of people through the mail is the best way.